Business Planning

Simple Business Planning-With a Passionate Impact

The name, Dancing Elephants, might take you by surprise. But think about it: If you found yourself in a room with dancing elephants, you’d feel the impact and you’d be laughing and having fun. That’s what we’re about-empowering your small business growth strategies with the passionate impact that you want them to have. And having fun while doing it!

Small Business Strategic Planning That’s Big on Ideas that Fit You

Your small business is at its best when you remember what makes you passionate about what you do, who you are, and why you do it. Too many so-called “small-business” marketing strategies fail because they aren’t designed with your particular small business in mind. Dancing Elephants is all about helping small businesses learn to think and grow strategically, in a way that fits their budgets, capabilities and passion.

Simple Strategic Planning Is Small Business Planning

Most small businesses run the same way – the owners get up every day, work long hard hours and hope that they are doing the right thing. As every student of history knows, hope is not a strategy. The key to growing from small to successful business is having a strategic plan. The best small businesses know that they also need a simple strategic plan if they are going to be able to implement it.

Small business strategic planning has a clear and easy-to-recognize goal-getting your business to the point where it’s fun to get up each day because you are succeeding at what you love. Dancing Elephants’ passion is helping you create a simple strategic plan that is inspiring, tactical, focused and implementable. A perfect plan gets your team, and you, energized to grow and makes your customers happier than ever before.

Sales and Marketing Planning that Fits Your Small Business Growth Strategy

Sales and marketing plans are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Your small business growth plan ought to be as unique as your small business-not boiler-plated off some other company that bears no resemblance to your motivations, your markets, or your message. Dancing Elephants knows that, in order to grow your way, you need small business planning that grows your way. Focusing on the right customers at the right time in the right way is the key to attracting great clients instead of chasing mediocre ones.

Dancing Elephants’ passion is to equip you with the guidance and resources you need to choreograph and carry out your sales and marketing plan. We can meet with you individually or with your sales and marketing teams to develop the simple but powerfully focused strategic sales and marketing plan that will chart your course to success.

Call On Dancing Elephants to Make the Strategic Simple and Your Small Business BIG Fun!

If you have idea of where you want your small business to go but aren’t sure how to get there, we can help. We partner with you to help you devise amazingly simple but powerful small business planning so that you can focus on the big goals and achieve them. Our innovative resources and expert consultants will tailor a simple strategic plan to your business growth, sales, and marketing needs. To discover more about how Dancing Elephants can help you, or to order our unique Complete Simple Strategic Plan System, contact us at www.dancing-elephants.com or call 804.592.1723.